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Of course it can save KY much as it can actually save the U.S. as well.First off,it is relativly harmless especially used with the vaporisor method or in cooking, no smoke no lung damage. It does not kill brain cells which was proven way back in the 80's,it is not physically addictive but only mentaly addicitve. Tax revenues from it would put the stae ahead finacial wise instead of in the negative within 1 year of leaglization top's. It has been thid states number one cash crop for decades. This state does not even have any type of a program for trying to legalize it for medicinal use much less total legalization. I find that very draconian to say the least. It's medicinal benefit's are second to nonme which also has beenb proven not only in this country but in study's done all over the world. Study's done in country's that have legalized marijuana have shown drmatic and very significant drops not only in drug related crimes but also in the numbers of teens using it as well, both dropped dramatically. Any way you look at it, it is a good thing and not a bad thing. Compared to alcohol and tobaco products it really is virtually harmless. As far as the so called "DUI" thing going around the country they couldn't be more wrong, most DUI'S are caused by alcohol use but because blood and urine tests are done they show THC in the system no matter if it was used that day or up to 3 months prior si all in all in 99.9 percent of DUI'S marijuana was not the contributing factor but alcohol was. It is without a doubt one of the prefct fix it's for not only our economic situation both state and country but also it will drop the numbers of those using meth, cocaine, heroin, prescription pain pills etc. Mega billions are being wasted along with man power and hour's every year in this country in a vain attempt to try to stop marijuana but yields continue to grow every year. All of this wasted time and money could be better used to fight the really bad drugs instead of a harmless one. Including this state which also wastes mega millions every year and gets nowhere in the fight to stop it so it only maskes sense and logic to figure out that it should be legalized here as well in the whole country. We should at least be making it legal for medicinal use in KY if anything. Compared to narcotic pain killer as well as many of the tranquilizers and sedatives it beats them all hands down. Think people, think.


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